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About Us

The Jackson Career Explorer (JCE)

jacksonCAREER is built around the Jackson Career Explorer (JCE), an interest assessment that guides students and career seekers toward satisfying and fulfilling careers. The comprehensive report provides a wealth of personalized career information including the following features:

  • Fit with 30 different Job Groups and in-depth information on students’ top 3 Job Groups
  • Fit with 17 different Education Groups
  • Ranks 34 Basic Interests
  • Highlights Work Personality preferences
  • Showcases thousands of job resources customized to the student’s results, including action steps and interpretive tips
  • Provides links to over 850 sample job codes from O*NET, organizations, and web-based career resources


The JCE accurately measures specific areas of career interest, ways of approaching work, and job groups associated with these areas of interest. Results are generated based on scoring algorithms that have been tested and refined to produce optimal results. The JCE accurately identifies the career interests that will motivate students to discover enriching, fulfilling careers.


The JCE is a derivative of the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS), first published in 1977. The JVIS is one of the most well-respected career interest assessments available and has been continually updated to this day. The JCE was developed by employing advanced test construction methods to identify the items most diagnostic of each of the 34 Basic Interest Scales that form the foundation of the JVIS.


The JCE has strong scientific roots. More than 40 psychologists and career experts have worked on the development of the JCE and its predecessor, the JVIS, over the past 45 years. Research has shown that the JCE is a valid and reliable career interest assessment.

SIGMA Assessment Systems

SIGMA has been providing advanced assessment solutions to schools, career professionals, businesses, human resource professionals, psychologists, counselors, and government agencies since 1967. SIGMA’s career assessments have assisted over 6 million people with making informed, satisfying career decisions. Thousands of schools have chosen our career solutions to help their students make one of the most important decisions of their lives.